Approved Jewellery Valuer

We provide jewellery valuation reports for travelling overseas with jewellery, visa purposes, export of jewellery etc. Contact Jos Jewellery, Angamaly for more information.

Saju Jose, based in Angamaly, Kerala, is an accomplished professional with over three decades of experience in the jewellery industry. As the Managing Partner of Jos Jewellery since July 1990, Saju has demonstrated exceptional leadership and expertise in overseeing all aspects of the business. Additionally, Saju serves as a Customs-approved valuer and assayer of Gold, Silver, and Diamond Jewellery since 2009, bringing a wealth of knowledge and credibility to his assessments.


Saju Jose (Managing Partner),
Jos Jewellery, Angamaly, Kerala
+91 94470 79522, +91 81130 67324